Dear You,

There’s a new tourist destination in Busay, Cebu, Philippines where you can visit and take great instagrammable photos! It is located in “Buwakan ni Alejandra”.   You might want to add this one in your Cebu Itinerary too, when you visit Cebu, Philippines.

“Buwakan ni Alejandra” if translated to English it means “Flower Garden of Alejandra”.

From JY Square Mall in Cebu City, it is just around about 30 minutes ride going there.

The entrance fee in “Buwakan ni Alejandra” costs 45Php to 50Php per person. There are also employees in Buwakan ni Alejandra who can assist you in taking your best shot!

Here are our Photos of “Buwakan ni Alejandra” in Cebu, Philippines.


Have fun!




Lazada Philippines