Twin Beach Carnaza Island
Twin Beach, Carnaza Island, Philippines

Dear You,

Let’s face it, when you hear Cebu, you only get to hear about Whale Sharks, Bantayan Island, Moalboal and some City Tours like going to Busay for the Sirao Flower Farm, but you can barely hear about Carnaza Island in Cebu.

Carnaza Island was just recently featured in #KMJS, however, I haven’t heard about this because of the show, but some of my officemates went there and I am a bit curious because there are only a few people know about this Place.

I can definitely say, this is one of the underrated Islands in the Philippines.

How to go to Carnaza Island, Cebu, Philippines?

You can book a flight going Cebu, Philippines. From Cebu City, it is about a 4-hour drive going up North. You can ride a bus in the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City going to Tapilon Port.

The North Bus Terminal is about 5-10 minutes ride from SM Cebu City.

When you reach Tapilon Port, you can hire a boat going to Carnaza Island. From Tapilon Port, it is a 2-hour boat ride to reach Carnaza Island.

There’s no passenger boat in Tapilon Port. You need to hire the whole boat for you to reach Carnaza Island. Other blogs might tell you that there are definitely passenger boats, but unfortunately, there were none.

What they do instead is, group you to other passengers, until you reach the desired number of people. This means a lot of waiting. And don’t expect too much because there are still starting and discovering on how to deal with the passengers.

The boat going to Carnaza Island costs around 4,500 Php one way for about 20 people. You have the option to wait until there will be a lot of passengers going to Carnaza Island too.

The best time to arrive in Tapilon Port is around 8am -9am.

It would be best if you’re many, so that you can save both time and value for money.

For those who are bringing cars, there’s a parking area near Tapilon Port. It is 100Php/day only. The owner is ate Rocel Bibette.

You can call her too if you need a boat for reservation, but it is actually not necessary. There are very helpful.

Here’s her number : (+63) 926 433 6602 (Rocel Bibette)

Where to stay in Carnaza Island?

Tipi Huts Carnaza Island
Tipi Huts in Carnaza Island Eco Park

Although there are other cheap homestays in Carnaza Island, we opted to stay in Carnaza Island Eco Park. You still need to pay the entrance fee even if you will stay in there.

Entrance fee in Carnaza Island Eco Park is 200Php per person. The Tipi Huts costs 200Php for 2 people.

Carnaza Island Eco Park can also cook rice for you and you can order drinks or ice too, but it will be too expensive because electricity is limited only.

What to do in Carnaza Island?

Carnaza Island Eco Park is not the only thing you can visit in the Island. You can hire “habal-habal” or motorists for Beach Trips/Cove Hopping. The Cove Hopping in Carnaza Island costs around 150Php/person for the 3 coves already.

First stop was in Twin Beach. Our tour guide/Habal-habal driver told us that before, there was an entrance fee, and it was visited a lot back then, but the cottages were damaged because of the Yolanda Storm.

Twin Beach Carnaza
Twin Beach Top View

Second stop for our cove Hopping is in Skull Cove. Bali in the Philippines maybe?

Skull Island Carnaza
Skull Island,Carnaza Island, Philippines

And last stop is the Kailina Beach. We swam here until sunset.

Kailina Beach
Kailina Beach, Carnaza Island, Philippines

For our dinner, we ordered near the Kailina Beach and we had them delivered in the Eco Park because we didn’t bring any food. You can bring food and cook in the Eco Park too.

On the second day, we checked out early to head to La Manok Island then go back to Tapilon Port. We paid an additional 1000php for the boat ride to go to La Manok Island.

La Manok Island
La Manok Island, Philippines

More details of La Manok Island in the link below.

(blogging for La Manok…)

Here’s the Whole Budget for the Carnaza Island, Cebu, Philippines:

Php (Philippine Peso)
Pump boat – Tapilon Port to Carnaza Island 4500 (can fit up to 20 people)
Entrance Fee per person 200
Tipi Huts good for 2 200
Cove Hopping for 3 Coves per person 150
Pump boat – Carnaza Island to La Manok to Tapilon Port 5500 (can fit up to 20 people)

Have Fun wandering!